Perennials on Staying Eco-Friendly

The Heart of Design & Sustainability

A common theme running through the core of the Perennials brand? Durability. Longevity. Endurance. Our goal is providing clients with products that LAST, resulting in less waste year over year. Yet our sustainability mission does not begin and end with long-lasting textiles. Perennials implements eco-friendly processes throughout the entire production timeline. Keep reading to learn how we keep Perennials GREEN.

Perennials Textiles de Mexico

Green from the Start

For Perennials textiles, sustainability begins on the molecular level. We created our 100% solution-dyed acrylic for it’s superior UV, mildew, and stain resistant properties. Due to the complete color saturation and bean shape of our fiber, it is inherently resistant to loss of color and abrasion. Color saturation also allows our textiles to be repeatedly cleaned by bleach without erosion. This is also ideal for inhibiting the spread of germs and bacteria.


Because our fibers are sourced from a controlled supplier, Perennials adheres to strict safety and emission requirements. Additionally, compared to natural fiber production like cotton, textiles manufactured with solution-dyed acrylic require minimal water consumption. Did you know cotton requires over 20,000 gallons of water to produce one meter of fabric? Yikes! Not only do we use less water, but we also recycle water. The water used during the fiber manufacturing process is purified and returned to its natural source.  Environmentally friendly natural gas provides the energy needed to generate steam and electricity for fiber production. Waste is safely recycled through incineration, with the heat being used as an additional energy source.  Water used in the finishing of our products is purified, which allows for 50% of the water to be used for such things as landscape irrigation and 50% to be recycled back to the finishing process. 

Would it be easier to produce textiles without all of the steps above? Probably. But we care about doing things right, not quick. We love a good challenge. What’s the point of providing exceptional outdoor fabrics if we don’t preserve the Great Outdoors? For Perennials, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand.

The most sustainable thing in the world is good quality. If something lasts a lifetime, it doesn’t wind up in a landfill. It winds up being handed down from generation to generation.

Made to Last

Clients and designers love Perennials because of the quality and durability of our textiles. Easy maintenance means happy clients! Perennials products are investment pieces that pay for themselves by outlasting any other performance luxury fabric on the market. It is typical for clients to toss pillows and cushions that become stained or faded over time. But with Perennials, there is no reason for creating waste.

Our fabrics never miss the mark after undergoing multiple quality checks during production. What happens to the fabrics that don’t pass? Don’t worry. We reuse these “seconds” in various ways. From manufacturing masks for frontline workers to crafting promotional products for family and friends, rest easy knowing our rejects (harsh, but true) are put to great use.

Ann Sutherland Creating Masks

Whether it be through curtailing water use or reusing fabrics, Perennials is dedicated to providing clients with indoor-outdoor luxury for years to come. By lengthening the life of our products, we can do our part in caring for the environment, allowing future generations to enjoy nature’s beauty as much as we do!

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