On Trend: Botanical Patterns

Palmetto Fabrics

An easy way to create a lively space? Bring in a touch of the great outdoors. Botanical patterns add vibrancy to any space, from an outdoor loggia to a guest bathroom. Botanical textiles can be utilized in a smaller scale (throw pillows!) or on big pieces (love seats!) or even underfoot (rugs!). From florals to leaf motifs, these fun patterns will definitely put a spring in your step as we breeze into warmer weather.


A new fabric quality for Spring 2021, Palmetto takes inspiration from palms swaying in the breeze. Available in a variety of colors from a sunny Topaz to a saturated Lapis, the botanical performance jacquard is suitable for indoor and outdoor upholstery, window treatments, and even bedspreads! No more breakfast in bed disasters.

Willow Bough

Leaves and branches entwine in this iconic William Morris print, part of our Morris & Co. collection. Willow Bough features a super soft hand that makes it ideal for indoor upholstery.

En Plein Air

A plushy Tibetan knot rug with a linear floral motif, En Plein Air is part of our Porter Teleo collection. Like all Perennials rugs, En Plein Air can be customized according to size, shape and color, with thousands of poms to choose from!


A standout from the Villa del Sol collection, Breezy is a jacquard quality featuring a motif of leaves scattering across the fabric.


Originally designed by Morris in 1875, Marigold features lush flowers and foliage that give this pattern a versatile design. Perennials’ performance iteration allows for an abundance of uses, like upholstering Sutherland’s Louis Soleil Lounge Chair.

Which botanical is your favorite? Delicate florals or lush leaves?

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