Tips for designing an inspirational and productive space at home

Creating a Home Office Oasis

With everyone working from home, assessing productivity outside the office is pivotal. Creating a home office that engages your creativity, maintains your sanity, and reflects your personality is key.

The home office is a space that often gets neglected on Pinterest boards and in magazine spreads. Until now. With most of the country under stay-at-home orders, more than ever people are reassessing their home office set ups. If you’ve ever found yourself digging through piles of bills, out-of-date coupons, and loose change, you know the struggle of a disorganized desk space. Keep reading for a few tips on creating the ultimate Work From Home office space.

Keep Design in Mind

“Office” does not have to translate to “boring.” Keep personality in mind when designing your work space. Think color. Think accessories. A working office should inspire you to be your most creative self. Founder Ann Sutherland advises incorporating mementos from travels. Decor created and inspired by other cultures keeps creative juices flowing.

We should draw JOY from our surroundings but also be able to appreciate all cultures for the good that they bring to people of the world. Travel may be slow to come in the near future but this should not shut us off from experiencing beauty around the world.

Houston-based interior designer Ashley Goforth is a mastermind when it comes to designing spaces that are exciting without being distracting. Using a mix of saturated colors and fun art, Goforth creates home offices for clients that can double as libraries and sitting rooms.

Ashley Goforth Office Design ft. : Plushy

Add Green

Plants, succulents, and flowers are fantastic additions to a home office. Not only does nature and greenery increase serotonin levels, but certain plants can actually purify air in the home. Potted plants and flower arrangements provide a sense of calm in a space that can feel stressful.

Greenery complements garden-inspired: Jardin rug

Let Light In (or Out)

Lighting in a home office can be pivotal these days with the rise of Zoom. Too much back light and all your colleagues will see is your outline. Get creative with drapery, like Ashley Goforth’s use of Perennials in the image below. Perennials drapery will never fade from UV rays, ensuring your office will be video-friendly for years to come.

“Home offices are now more important than ever!” says Goforth. “In order to ensure your space will be the most efficient, I think these items are a must: a comfortable chair, a spacious-enough desk to spread items out and natural light to bring the outdoors in.”

Draperies in: Bikini Stripe

Accommodate Co-workers

Chair Suitably – Pillow – Tangled

We can all agree the Work from Home all-stars have been pets. Our pups and kittens have been there for stress relief, exercise, and video conference entertainment. Do not be afraid to let Fido take your calls by upholstering office chairs in Perennials. Not only will our performance fabrics protect against pet stains, they also ensure coffee and wine spills (no judgement) will never outlast your motivation. Also consider performance underfoot. How many times have you spilled coffee EVERYWHERE by reaching for a Post-It? Exactly. Performance fabrics and rugs will also take the brunt of messy home school projects and kids’ messes.

Regardless of where you are working at home, keeping a sense of calm and creativity is essential. Create a floral arrangement. Brew a fancy loose-leaf tea. Have a glass of wine on your last Zoom call of the day. Don’t worry about the mess with Perennials.

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