Off the Loom: C'est La Vie Fall 2020 Campaign

Creating a beautiful and engaging collection campaign is daunting work on it's own. Creating a campaign during a pandemic? Overwhelming to say the least. Discover how Perennials shot our Fall 2020 fabric and rugs collection, C'est La Vie , in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis.

When planning Perennials’ Fall 2020 collection, C’est La Vie, no one could have guessed the future state of the travel industry. Or the state of the world. C’est La Vie was inspired by the casual elegance of modern French interiors. Rich in delicate tones and oozing in cool refinement. Rosy hues and beautiful curvature evocative of French art deco style. A partnership with French designer Eric Schmitt instigated the direction, as he designed both Cercle and Jolie rug styles. Perennials’ love of Parisian sophistication carried over into the rest of the collection. Though France seems farther away than ever before, Perennials is giving clients a chance to live “la vie en rose” from the comfort of their own home.

All About Color

C’est La Vie features 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics and rugs with joie de vivre. C’est La Vie introduces three new fabric qualities and eight rug designs in a charming color palette. Paris Pink, Ice Blue, and Chartreuse are among the delicate colorways that would look très chic anywhere – from a child’s room to a pied-à-terre balcony.

Perennials honed in on the new hues for the Fall 2020 campaign. Focusing on saturated images, the team crafted a shot list based on pinks, blues, and greens. Also, the shoot utilized chic French nods and accessories throughout. Champagne coupe glasses, baguettes, and pooches for a little je ne sais paw.

What stood out to me most in this collection was the color, and its ability to feel soft yet impactful.

In the final brochure, color stories are broken up into volumes. Senior Art Director Kim Ridley explains, “We really wanted to emphasize the power of each hue, so we decided to try something fresh and separated the brochure into volumes, giving each color its own spotlight.”

Lights, Camera, Masks, Action!

The Perennials marketing team began planning the campaign shoot in March when, along with the rest of world, everyday life changed dramatically. Suddenly, the scope of the C’est La Vie photo shoot had to be scaled down for social distancing. Perennials’ creative team scheduled the shoot in Dallas in June with a small talented crew, Seal Team Six style.

C’est La Vie photographer Stephen Karlisch, alongside the Perennials marketing team, followed strict safety protocols. The shoot differed from typical photo shoots in many ways. “Every aspect of the photo shoot was affected, from finding a safe location to assembling the leanest of skeleton crews,” says Creative Director Tom Nynas. “In addition to face masks, everyone wore multiple hats on this shoot, handling tasks that would normally be handled by two or three people.”

The challenges of a pandemic-time shoot were a little tricky and sticky, but somehow we managed to make it a fun experience for all. Hopefully some of that fun can be seen in the shots.

Et Voila!

Perennials is thrilled and grateful to launch a gorgeous campaign with soothing fabrics in the midst of these challenging times. The hope? Providing clients with a sense of calm sophistication at home. Though kids and pets may be running a muck on the daily, Perennials is proud to offer textiles that stand up to life’s messes.

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