David Sutherland
Talks Craftsmanship

Sutherland and fine craftsmanship go hand in hand.

Our furniture is not the result of random mass production – human hands have created every rounded corner and every joint, and the quality of the furniture is the result of our employees’ knowledge and skills. Our artisans are proud of their talents in woodworking and upholstery manufacturing. They are craftsmen to their fingertips, and have worked with their trade for years – exclusively for Sutherland.

Great manufacturing is wasted without great design.

Sutherland currently works with several world-renowned designers to create timeless outdoor furniture. Once a concept is approved, designers work closely with the product development team to further refine their designs.

Sutherland Furniture is handcrafted from sustainable sources by carefully selecting global manufacturing partners. We emphasize meticulous attention to details resulting in elegant construction, exquisite joinery, and a brilliant range of finishes. By employing expert craftsmen with passion for unparalleled perfection, and partnering with renowned international designers, Sutherland Furniture has become the leader in luxury performance outdoor design.

Sutherland Offers Indoor And Outdoor Options For All Cushions.

Our indoor cushions are a 25/75 down wrap around a poly foam core for a classic residential look (cushions 2" or thinner are constructed of Dacron™ and poly foam core). For outdoor use, seat cushions are constructed of Dacron wrap around a medium-soft density hypoallergenic Ez Dri™ poly foam core and Dacron fill in the back cushions. We use non-corrosive zippers/fasteners. Velcro straps are standard on all attachable cushions.

Standard cushion detail is top-stitch. Standard cushion pricing also includes application of welt, flange, trim, standing-stitch, buttons, etc. at your specification.

We recommend Perennials Outdoor Fabrics. Woven from fine 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarn, these soil-, mildew- and UV-resistant fabrics and trims are perfect for any installation requiring protection from the sun's strong rays or high-traffic use. A sophisticated palette of coordinating solids, patterns, prints and trims provides infinite inspiration for creating unique, casually elegant living spaces. Perennials Outdoor Fabrics are available to interior designers/architects through fine showrooms nationwide. Visit Perennials Fabrics or call 888.322.4773 for complete information.

The following procedures are recommended for the care of premium outdoor fabrics, such as Perennials® Outdoor Fabrics. To maintain cushions, use a mild cleaner like natural soap or Formula 409® and lukewarm water. Blot the cleaner and rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any dirt, then air-dry. If using other fabrics, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Please note that mildew may grow on dirt and residue that has not been removed from the fabric. As with any fine furnishings, use good judgment when exposing cushions to risks such as wildlife or extreme weather.

For cleaning cushions constructed of exterior-use foam, we recommend flushing with water and air-drying without removing the cover. Removing the cover may eventually break down the seams and distort the fabric.