Care + Maintenance

Sutherland products are designed and built for a lifetime of beauty, which means our 
furniture finishes and upholstery are easily maintained with occasional attention.

Natural Teak

For outdoor use, spray your natural teak furniture with a garden hose often. Give teak furniture a thorough cleaning twice a year to remove surface dirt, slight discoloration and environmental buildup. Begin by wetting the surface of the teak and use a soft brush with a solution of mild cleanser and water to scrub the surface. Rinse well and let dry in the sun.

Weathered Teak

Over time and with the influence of water and sun, teak furniture will turn from its original honey brown color to a rich, silver weathered patina. With the Sutherland weathered option, this silver patina can be enjoyed from the start. Stains, small marks or surface imperfections can be removed from weathered teak by lightly sanding it with fine sandpaper. Because the weathering only takes place on the surface, sanded areas will require a little time to return to a silver patina.

Teak Sealers

Teak finished with a sealer should be covered in extreme weather. Clear sealer helps to maintain the teak’s original color. Dark sealer enhances the teak’s original color and gives the wood a dark hue. For regular maintenance, whether a clear or dark sealer is used, simply rinse with water and wipe with a soft cloth. The sun’s UV rays can cause deterioration to outdoor finishes in as little as six months. Depending on exposure to sun, rain, temperature and humidity, the surface will eventually require periodic sanding and reapplication of the sealer. Before reapplication, we recommend you contact Sutherland Customer Service so we can provide you with detailed reapplication instructions based on the condition of your furniture.

High-Gloss Yacht Finish

In tradition with the world’s great shipbuilders, the Sutherland yacht finish reveals the beauty of teak’s original color and grain like no other. Up to 12 coats of high-gloss finish are hand-applied. The furniture is carefully sanded between each coat and the results are simply breathtaking. This finish should be cleaned periodically with soap and water and a soft cloth.

Teak Oil Stains

Because teak does not absorb water and is rich in natural oils and silicates, the weathering process includes oil surfacing. This teak oil can stain cushions. Fabric stained by teak oil can be cleaned with soap and water or a special eucalyptus-based cleaner available through Sutherland. Please be aware oil surfacing is a naturally repeating process that cannot be prevented. New or very young teak will experience natural oil surfacing that appears like a “watermark” or irregular pattern of discoloration. These areas are a part of the natural maturing process and can be removed with gentle washing.

Teak For Indoors

The only maintenance required for indoor teak furniture is dusting with a soft cloth. Do not use silicate-based cleaners. Please be aware that with normal use, the overall appearance of unfinished teak will darken over time. Also, in areas where skin contacts unfinished teak, natural oils from the skin will darken the wood.

Powder Coated Components

Powder coat covers the metal components used in conjunction with various Sutherland collections. This metal finish should be washed with water, soap and a soft cloth. These metal parts have holes in the bottom of the rails, so do not submerse these pieces in water. Powder coated furniture should not be dragged. Dragging will scratch the coating off the edges of the furniture piece, causing it to peel, bubble or flake off over time.

Aluminum Components

Unprotected polished aluminum will oxidize over time. We have added a clear coat finish to polished aluminum components to ward off the oxidation process. We recommend cleaning polished aluminum components with water, soap and a fine cloth. Do not use an abrasive cleaner or abrasive cloth of any kind or you will create scratches on the clear coat and possibly the polished aluminum. Use a fine-tipped brush to reapply the clear coat over surface scratches.

Stainless Steel Components

Stainless steel components can rust under certain conditions. Sutherland adds a clear coat finish to polished stainless steel components to ward off the potential for rust. To clean polished stainless steel, use water, soap and a fine cloth. Do not use an abrasive cleaner or abrasive cloth of any kind or scratches could be created on the clear coat and possibly the stainless steel. Use a fine-tipped brush to reapply the clear coat over surface scratches.


Zinc goes through a weathering process that has two steps. The first step gives the zinc a white chalky appearance and texture that will rub off on clothing. The second step replaces the chalky texture with a gray/white patina, with no residue. If zinc is used indoors, it may oxidize depending on the humidity of the area. To clean zinc when indoors (when it has not oxidized), simply use a dry cloth. To speed up the oxidation process, zinc can be watered down and then let dry. The more this is repeated, the more reaction it will cause, speeding up the process. Before oxidation is complete, drops of water may cause spots, which will oxidize eventually.

Structured Mesh

For regular cleaning, combine the following ingredients:

  1. 3 Gallons of water
  2. 1 Cup bleach
  3. 1 Cup mild detergent (Dawn dishwashing liquid recommended)
  4. Wash the mesh with the soft side of a sponge or a soft cloth. Rinse off with clean water and allow to air dry.



Ecoplex® is a resin-based recycled composite designed to be resistant to moisture, fading, insects, splintering and most other hazards of environmental exposure. Its high color stability UV pigment systems minimize material breakdown, helping Ecoplex retain a vibrant look for years, even with prolonged exposure to the sun. Clean Ecoplex with water and a soft cloth. If dirt or dust has accumulated on the surface for an extended period of time, use dish soap to remove it. Ecoplex should not stain with normal use. However, if it develops discoloration of any kind, a solution of water and white vinegar may be used to remove it. Although Ecoplex will last many years, it is susceptible to scratching.


Sutherland Woven Classics are all season synthetic, hand woven construction over powder coated aluminum frames with stainless steel hardware. Crafted to last for years, Sutherland wovens are resistant to fading, frost, heat, chlorine, alcohol and salt. To maintain this rugged material, clean with mild soap and water, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before reattaching cushions (when applicable). For heavy build up of dirt and residue, use a mild detergent with water and a low pressure hose. Loosen soil with a soft bristle brush and rinse thoroughly with water.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is comprised of marine-grade material, making items made of this composite suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Sutherland John Dickinson Collection pieces made with GFRC are standard in a matte white finish. GFRC material is more susceptible to staining than wood. Sutherland does not guarantee these products to be “stain proof.” However, the sealer reduces vulnerability to stains. For regular cleaning, use a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. A mild soap solution may also be used if necessary. Do not use harsh solvents or industrial cleaners. It is very important to clean spills as soon as possible to avoid long-term stains. Please contact Sutherland Customer Service for recommendations.

Stone Tops

Sutherland stone tops have a sealer applied on them. While we use the highest quality product available, we do not guarantee them to be “stain proof.” However, the sealer reduces the vulnerability to stains. Of course, as with any natural material, chemicals and stains can penetrate and damage the surface. To keep our stone tops looking their very best for years to come, it is best to clean any spills right away. We recommend cleaning with water, soap and a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners or cloths as this can scratch or pit the surface. Part of the normal maintenance on stone includes resealing the tops periodically. To test whether or not your stone needs to be resealed, put a small water drop on the stone and leave it for several hours. If the water drop has soaked into the stone when you return, it is time to seal your stone. Please contact Sutherland Customer Service for sealer recommendations and application instructions.


Sutherland Domani pieces are handmade using a natural material that varies in color, texture and appearance. Each planter includes a drainage hole to allow water in the soil to drain freely. The Linea Small, Linea Medium and Luna are not frost proof due to their shape, and if these three are left outdoors where temperatures get near or below freezing, they may crack. We recommend protecting these three planters by inserting a Styrofoam layer in the inner walls prior to planting. To clean terracotta, simply wash is with a mild soap and water.

Outdoor Cushions & Upholstery

The following procedures are recommended for the care of premium outdoor fabrics, such as Perennials® Outdoor Fabrics. To maintain cushions, use a mild cleaner like natural soap or Formula 409® and lukewarm water. Blot the cleaner and rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any dirt, then air-dry. If using other fabrics, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Please note that mildew may grow on dirt and residue that has not been removed from the fabric. As with any fine furnishings, use good judgment when exposing cushions to risks such as wildlife or extreme weather. For cleaning cushions constructed of exterior-use foam, we recommend flushing with water and air-drying without removing the cover. Removing the cover may eventually break down the seams and distort the fabric.

Teak For Indoors

The only maintenance required for indoor teak furniture is dusting with a soft cloth. Do not use silicate-based cleaners. Please be aware that with normal use, the overall appearance of unfinished teak will darken over time. Also, in areas where skin contacts unfinished teak, natural oils from the skin will darken the wood.