Perennials Rug Contest: The Top Five

Martyn Thompson rug collection for Perennials

In honor our 25th anniversary, we tasked followers to design a Tibetan knot rug for a chance to win $25k. Well, dear reader, we received OVER 200 SUBMISSIONS. From the abstract to the geometric, submissions came in from all over the globe. After a long video call with our panel of industry vets – Michael Boodro, Jill Sieracki, and Benjamin Reynaert – plus Founder Ann Sutherland and Rugs Director Callie Mooney, we landed on the top 5 designs below. Submissions were received alongside the submitter’s inspiration blurb, which we note below. We also pinged Mooney for her take on each design.


Original inspiration: petals

Mooney: “The simplistic elegance of this design really lends itself to enhanced textures and rich bold and beautiful color selections. The central placement of the design allows this unique rug to seamlessly integrate throughout the home. The contrasting color selection is really stunning and I’m excited to see how the carving helps bring this design to life!”


Original inspiration: Adds a modern spin on my inspirations of Brutalist architecture, Italian 60’s design, modern geometries, and art deco patterns. Although rendered in my favorite 70’s-inspired palette of color and neutrals that work with today’s color trends, these can be easily colorized to give a completely different vibe. They can be neutral and serene, or scene stealers with intense hues.

Mooney: This unique border design truly jumps off the ‘rug’ and encourages our designers to customize and make this their own. Whether in soft blended tones or bold and powerful hues this design is sure to bring together a space. I’m looking forward to seeing what our creative clients can do with it!

Broken Pottery

Original inspiration: Inspired by the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold seams and retaining it as an object with added value, this simple idea translated into a rug that creates endless opportunities of mixing shapes, colors, and textures.

Mooney: I’m loving what we deemed the “broken” texture of this beautiful design. The lines both exaggerated as well as delicate run throughout to enhance the bolder shapes below. I can easily see this rug placed throughout a home.

Off Grid

Original inspiration: Mark making and the great American quilt

Mooney: During judging we referred to this design as “off grid”. There is something eye catching about a repeat grid that isn’t exactly a repeat or a grid. Bolder and simple yet intricate in its execution.


Original inspiration: An unveiling forest

Mooney: When I think about all the ways this design can be customized to fit the space and color pallet of our designers I get really excited. It’s definitely eye catching in this bold version but I can easily see it being just as stunning in soft tonal whites showcasing the texture throughout.

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